DACARB offers a wide range of activated carbons produced from different raw materials (coal, coconut, and wood) and using different activation processes.


This is why DACARB offers activated carbons tailored to each customer issues:

  • Removal of organic matter from water,

  • Removal of micro pollutants,

  • Biological removal of organic matter from water.


To achieve filtration, DACARB offers activated carbon in granular and powder dedicated to water treatment.


In water treatment field, DACARB offers a complete solution to its customers.

Teams of experienced technicians perform in water tratment station:

  • removal of activated carbon,

  • filters cleaning,

  • implementation of granular activated carbon in filters.

DACARB offers analytical monitoring of activated carbon in place, measuring organic and mineral saturation to assess its remaining life.


DACARB then offers regeneration of exhausted activated carbon or replacement with new.


To prepare regeneration, DACARB runs a comprehensive assessment estimating the recovery rate of adsorption capacity, rate of soluble and washable in water ash, and percentage of losses.


When regeneration is not possible, DACARB offers a recycling solution that impacts the environment similarly to reactivation.




DACARB offers many powders to solve all the problems for the various treatment facilities.


These powders are suitable to eliminate from water:

  • organic matter

  • micro pollutants

  • taste

  • algal toxins.


Aware that conditions in water plants are very different depending on the process,  DACARB offers its powders in various sizes.


Powders can be delivered in small packaging (bag or big bag) or in bulk truck.