DACARB offers activated carbon in powder or granular, particularly suitable for decontamination of gas emitted into the atmosphere.


It may be flue gas, but also industrial gaseous emissions.

Some sensitive industrial equipment may be damaged by traces of aggressive or corrosive elements in ambient air. DACARB offers activated carbon reducing the amount of such pollutants and thus extend the equipment’s life.



DACARB offers various activated carbons dedicated to humans protection when their environment contents toxic chemicals. Filtration can be done by gas masks or industrial air filters.

DACARB’s products are also able to improve well-being of individuals, for example, in car’s cabin.


DACARB offers very pure activated carbon to be used in gas separation, to:


  • Purify a fluid. This is achieved by implementing a filtration process with the use of activated carbon that will trap selectively the troublesome compounds.


  • Separate in a gas mixture, an element with high added value, but at low concentration. It will require temporary storage on activated carbon by adsorption. Desorption will release the element at a higher concentration.