Founded in 2004, DACARB provides activated carbons and related services, including consultation services.

Composed of activated carbon experts, DACARB wants to provide the best activated carbon solution to its customers: technologically advanced and budget-friendly.


Present in all applications, DACARB offers tailor-made solutions for water treatment, gas treatment, and any other need.

DACARB's philosophy is to innovate on products and solutions. By combining raw materials, production tools and related services, DACARB always offers tailored products to the needs of its customer.

Environmentally conscious, DACARB makes sure its products and services are as eco-friendly as possible.

DACARB is also very active in the area of  R&D, working closely with major research organizations.


DACARB is a French company with an international presence.

DACARB delivers to its customers in several European countries as well as in Asia and the America.


 Dacarb is located in France, in Asnières-sur-Seine.